Who We Serve

Adolescents need to see themselves as having value in their community for what they can do.

Peer relationships and a sense of belonging are of the utmost importance

The adolescent has a sensitivity for justice and personal dignity. Socially, they identify strongly with their peer group and they question rules and beliefs that they previously simply accepted.



The adolescent body is changing while their brain is undergoing some of the most significant restructuring in a person’s life. For this reason, adolescents have boundless energy and an astonishing capacity for work but are also prone to periods of lethargy.


Adolescents are capable of very mature thought if it is framed within a social context that speaks to their emotional and social tendencies. In these circumstances, they have the capacity to think in abstract and complex ways, and to analyze and discuss.

Emotional Vulnerability

This is an age of strong emotions and emotional vulnerability. Adolescents are very critical of themselves and others.